Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Mission of Hyde?
What does it have to do with NFTs?
What is the Vision of Hyde?
Why did you name it Hyde?

How does it work?

How does Hyde work from 10000 feet?
How do I link my accounts?
How does usage and data handling work in detail?


How do you assure privacy on the platform?
Do you have any track record in privacy?
How does privacy work in detail?

Data Monetization

How can I monetize my data?
Why should we monetize our data?
What is the Hyde Marketplace
How do I get compensated for providing my data to Hyde?
What is a HYDE token?


How can Hyde create value for business consumers?
What is the loss in analytics accuracy due to privacy measures?
What is the Hyde App Store and the Developer Program?
How will the first business product look like?
What is the Hyde Login?


How will you prevent fraud through fake data?
What are the technical details?