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What is Hyde?

Hyde is a protocol for you for data monetization. By connecting accounts like Netflix, Twitter, or Spotify, you lay the groundwork to build a significant stream of passive income.


To establish the platform data economy, we decided to release our own utility token HYDE. HYDE is our own cryptocurrency and will mainly be used for users to get reimbursed for data provision, community activity, and for businesses to pay for analyses.


To secure your data, Hyde uses a state-of-the art privacy framework. In that way, it is possible to break existing data silos, thus regaining data autonomy.


At hyde, we provide next-gen market analytics based on fully anonymized data. In the near future, we will open the protocol for developers to build novel amazing products, grounded in cross-domain data.

How does
it work?

Hyde is an app for users to turn their personal data like Netflix, Twitter and Spotify into money, while putting privacy first. But how does Hyde work? Let’s have a look at the current situation and how Hyde provides a solution.

Your daily

Our reward scheme is super simple: The more data you provide, and the more friends you invite successfully, the more you earn! Its very easy for you to succed.

Check data you will provide in privacy-preserving manner, to know how much you'll earn on Hyde:
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0 HYD/yr
Also, you will get airdrops everytime you invites friends and they earned specific amount!
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simple steps.

We designed hyde to make it very easy for you to succed
1. Create Account

Create your Hyde account. All you need is a valid e-mail adress. There is no need for a bank account or something else

2. Link Accounts

Now you can link your existing accounts like Netflix, Twitter or Spotify to your Hyde account by simply selecting them from the list.

3. Invite Friends

Tell your friends how awesome Hyde is: Invite them to our Hyde community by simply sending the invite link which is generated in your profile.

4. Earn Rewards

Our reward scheme is super simple: The more data you provide, and the more friends you invite successfully, the more you earn!

Privately explore the value of your data

Lean back with Signal-Strength security

Code of Conduct

HYDE never exposes personal information when providing your data to customers. This is possible because neither us nor other parties (be it the OASIS Platform or our analytics customers) will ever have access to the cleartext and details of your data. We believe this is the only appropriate way to handle your data.

End-to-End Encryption

By using a technology called Trusted Execution Environments, we ensure that your data is treated with very robust encryption principles. Remember when Signal got a warrant to decrypt user messages? They could not, because everything was encrypted end-to-end. Same applies to HYDE. You are the only party who has the keys to see your data in cleartext.

Next-level Analytics

Currently, there is no way for market research to have a holistic understanding of e.g. a customer’s combined music and movie taste. That’s why we founded HYDE. We allow for analyses with different data sets, and combine them with scientifically grounded surveys. These surveys along with your data sets help us and our business customers understand your wants and needs and will result in better products that are built for you.


We provide details about the problem, our solution, the technical approach and the tokenomics behind Hyde.


At Hyde
we don’t hide.

Uwe Stoll

Uwe Stoll

Founder and CEO

PhD in Semantic Web and Machine Learning. Co-created GoodRelations, used by billions every day. Ten years of creating Machine Learning systems. Founder & host, Deep Learning Munich, 2500+ members. Two times invited to YC. Since 3 years, focus on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning.

Kyohei Hamaguchi

Kyohei Hamaguchi

Co-Founder and VP Engineering

Through 12+ years experience in software industry, he has been building quality apps and system, varied in scale, industry and tech stack as a software engineer and an engineering manager. He also has contributed operating small companies, via mostly the viewpoint of technology, but also of legal and sales learnt 6+ years of experience as an entrepreneur.


Jan Kegelberg

Jan Kegelberg

Advisor, Go-to-Market

An energetic, motivated and highly dynamic operations builder with excellent strategic, operations development and management skills. With proven success in leading new business initiatives and digital transformation in national and international environments in the field of DTC, Ecommerce, retail and media. Strong passion for digitizing entire organizations to build sustainable structures and cultures to succeed in the customer centric and platform age.



Oasis Foundation

The Oasis Network is a privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy.

CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

The CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security is a German national Big Science Institution within the Helmholtz Association.

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